Our high standard quality treatments can help acute and chronic conditions. The client’s welfare is our main concern and objective. We focus on a trusting relationship with our clients in order to provide genuine effective treatments.  Our customers will enjoy being cared for in a safe, clean, relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.


Acupuncture is an energy medicine that works on the vibrational level of the body. This ancient healing modality, nowadays also based on quantum physics views the body as a dynamic energy system comprising the body, mind and spirit. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings are connected energy fields that directly control and influence health and well-being.


Facial cosmetic acupuncture can slow down the ageing process by improving your overall health. Fine needles are inserted on the face and neck to stimulate the production of healing collagen. Acupuncture  addresses all internal symptoms that may cause premature ageing by balancing hormones, detoxifying, and strengthening organs functions. 

Tuina Massage is an ancient therapy  which includes gentle to deep tissue manipulations to relieve pain and promote healing. The stimulation of acupressure points can relieve musculoskeletal pain, stiffness like athritis and sciatica, and help to relax body and mind.


Herbs are potent healers. Chinese herbal medicine has a deep knowledge of their healing effects and therefore can provide effective treatment for a wide range of health disorders from disease prevention to severe acute and chronic conditions. The herbal formulas are tailored specifically to the individual’s condition.