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Pia Laborde-Noguez            23/8/23   

I had a lower back contracture and could I barely walk. Thanks to acupuncture session I had with Lucie, I was able to recover much quicker.

David Uzquiza          23/8/23

Since I saw Lucie the other week I've been feeling balanced, calm, happy...even stronger and more adventurous. Also I've been truly getting into yoga!

It's been a really good time, thank you so much.

anonymous          17/5/23

exactly the type of facilitator am looking for always ~ the theater of healing is exactly that x

Valeria          19/5/23

I met Lucy at a time when I was exhausted, both physically and psychologically. Lucy immediately gave me courage and love. After a month of daily treatments with Chinese herbs that she customised for me combined with a six-session cycle of acupuncture my whole being was energised and my state of mind highly improved. I feel like a reborn person and I am super grateful to this great little woman. She will stay a guiding light for me. Thank you Lucy!

Melissa Butcher          25/3/23

Lucy was great...perfect treatment for very sore legs, and useful tips for other general health issues

Josh Horne       20/12/22
Booked an hour acupuncture session with Lucie to deal with work related back and shoulder pain. Lucie is a bit of a magician after one session the pain had disappeared massively. I was also given easy practical advice to help prevent further flare ups which could easily be fitted into my work day. Will be booking again for a further session and would highly recommend to others.

Eszter Ivan         22/10/22

Thank you very much 🤗 for the treatment. I feel like got myself back and I had a really interesting dream during the night.

S.S.       6/10//22

I went to see Lucie to explore cosmetic acupuncture. Her approach was thorough and well informed. She understood the value of treating my constitution in addition to needling the face, which enhanced the impact of the cosmetic treatment. My impression was that Lucie is genuinely interested in helping her clients and her collaborative approach provided me with relevant information I could use to help myself. After 6 sessions of acupuncture I did feel good and the cosmetic effects were visible.

Sara Amin           11/06/22

Lucie is a dedicated practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients and their wellbeing. I have felt really looked after in her presence and have felt the benefits of our acupuncture sessions. Lucie remained flexible regarding schedule, and really catered to my needs, whilst also sharing beneficial, supplementary knowledge to help me between sessions. Highly recommended!

Maria Ninoles        6/06/22

I have been seeing Lucie for cosmetic acupuncture for a couple of months now. She is an excellent acupuncturist; she is delicate and fast, so the experience is totally pain-free. She also caters to the overall body-mind, and she seems to know what you need every time. I feel incredibly balanced and deeply relaxed after her sessions, not to mention my face is looking plumper! Thanks Lucie

Linn Fritz          31/05/22

I've gone to Lucie multiple times for acupuncture and it's truly an amazing experience. She's so sweet and caring and always tailor the experience to your individual needs. We always end up having lots of interesting conversations and laughs too, which is a plus!

Claire F.      27//05/22         

Lucie has the magic healing touch! I’ve been struggling with back pain for many years and after my first treatment with her, my pain was so greatly diminished I almost can’t believe it. She’s a highly skilled healer and is so caring and attentive.

Caroline           20/04/22

Lucie is amazing! I originally started going for cosmetic acupuncture and am now being treated for migraines, sleep difficulties and fatigue due to several autoimmune conditions and peri menopause. I noted results within a few visits of consecutive weekly sessions. Now a couple of months on, I am a new woman with more energy, better sleep, less frequent migraines (which were so debilitating previously) and a brighter complexion. Lucie truly cares about the individuals well-being and looks at the whole picture of health within discussions. She is professional, friendly and approachable with a great spirit, sharing her extensive knowledge and using other practices with -in treatment /gives recommendations to explore. The setting she practices from is lovely with the community vibe . I am so lucky to have come across her and highly recommend! the treatment packages are a great saving.
Thank you so much Lucie !

Kherunnisa Mulla         15/03/22

Had an amazing experience with Lucie. She is an amazing acupuncturist. I had knee problems and acne problems that she helped me reduce significantly. I highly recommend if you need and pick me up internally with her herbal tea mixes.

Anabel Knight       10/01/22

Cannot speak highly enough about Lucie and what she does. I came to see her at a very vulnerable time in my life when grief was negatively impacting my heath and energy levels. Her focus on long term healing and teaching strategies for me to implement outside of the appointment times, were far more useful than what would have come from a short term treatment approach. Thank you Lucie.

Safiya Dhorat       12/12/21

Lucie is a rare gem who has deep understanding about holistic health. She has years of study coupled with lots of experience to treat and heal you from serious health conditions that are otherwise seen as irreversible in modern medicine. She does get booked up quickly due to the demand for her. At my worst she's managed to still squeeze me into her busy schedule. I feel confident about my recovery under Lucie. She connects with me on such a deep level and I feel so reassured under her care. Without invasive tests she is able to detect who could take months to be tested for. Wha'ts most important is she is extremely passionate and is always willing to teach you what can help you achieve optimal vitality in the week, She has also treated my mother in her 60s when there were very few face to face appointments due to the pandemic. Again, Lucie within the space of a few months helped my mum get back on her feet where she would have otherwise been very restricted in movement. Thank you!

Becka Whelan      1/12/21

I had a wonderful treatment by Lucie at Healing Space. She combined pressure points with my massage and I felt so much better afterwards. I slept wonderfully too.

Prem B      11/11/2021

Lucie my acupuncturist has been such a help. After having cancer and surgery Lucie has been a godsend. My health has improved enormously and I can't thank her enough for her kindness and practical advice. I was apprehensive going having never tried alternative therapy. But I'm so glad I tried and have booked another set of appointments. I highly recommend her, She is lovely.

Pam Linden      1/10/2021

Lucie's style of acupuncture and her personality are both conductive to a very effective and relaxing treatment. Her knowledge of herbal medicine is extremely impressive. She spend considerable time considering the best treatment for my skin problems. Her practice of Toyohari based acupuncture has been very effective for my hip and knee issues. Very thankful I found this talented practitioner.

Mieke Smith      8/08/2021

I came to Lucie in a lot of pain and discomfort and was also very stressed and anxious. Lucie has such a calm energy about her that she put me at ease right away and was so knowledgeable and intuitive about what my body needed in that moment.


I left feeling so much better mentally and physically. During my second appointment, I actually fell asleep, which I’ve never done during acupuncture but she really chilled me out and created such a nice atmosphere.


She also gave me lots of references and videos to watch to try different things outside of our session. There was no pressure to explore these things but I found them incredibly useful and a great addition to my healing process.

I can’t wait to go back for more acupuncture with Lucie and strongly recommend her to anyone.

Natasha     9/12/2019

Lucie is a gifted acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I've had a number of sessions with her for overall health and for facial acupuncture, and the results were remarkable.

Kitano Maiko     11/9/2019

I have been treated by Lucie in my body and face, for hip joints pain and for rejuvenation in my face, I am a japanese woman and i have experienced many therapies...her acupuncture style is very gentle and feels like a miracle.

My face has toned up after one session, and the newly appeared wrinkles disappeared after 4 sessions. When my family watched my face they said "you look like younger".

Lucie is very skilled, professional, humble and kind. So I always look forward to my therapy sessions with her.

I recommend her high high enough. Thank you so much.

Marie     12/11/2019

Lucie has very much helped me with feeling more positive through acupuncture. I originally came to her as I had previously had a dvt which was causing me pain. My issues have greatly reduced. She has a lovely way about her. I would highly recommend her!

Jack Elliott    30/9/2019
I have been having acupuncture with Lucie Trinephi for a long time, and recently I've started herbal treatment too. I've benefited greatly from both. Lucie is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable therapist and I recommend her very highly.

Anonymous     21/10/2019

Great massage by Lucie. I should have booked a longer session. The room could have been more ambient. I didn't like the disposable sheet. It was chafing my chest.

Anonymous     30/9/2019

Lucie is a great acupuncturist and eastern medicine herbalist. I recommend her services immensely!

Ian Pearson    5/11/2018
I feel so much better after having treatments from Lucie. She has hugely helped with my initial presentation, as well as dealing with other long term health conditions along the way. She is easy to deal with and non-judgemental. I would recommend her to others. Thanks again for your help.

Ivan Carrasco    28/9/2018

I have been treated by Lucie in several occasions, for both muscular pain and for breathing difficulties, kidney issues and immune system. In each single occasion she managed to amazed me with the results! I have done both acupuncture and herbs and I could see extraordinary results from day one! She is like the alchemist of needles, she just mixes all these different styles achieving unbelievable results! She is fully dedicated to get her patients better, attentive, compassionate, warm and extraordinarily skilled. As a registered osteopath myself, I know refer many of my patients to Lucie as I know she will manage to get where manual therapy won’t. I can only say how fortunate I feel to have found Lucie whom I can’t recommend high enough! Ivan Carrasco (registered Osteopath)

Gemma Swan    12/7/2018

You are amazing!!! I am blown away by the effects of the acupuncture! This is life changing! Thank you sooo much!

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