Acupuncture is an energy medicine that works on the vibrational level of the body. This ancient healing modality, nowadays also based on quantum physics, views the body as a dynamic energy system comprising the body, mind and spirit. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings are connected energy fields that directly control and influence health and well-being.

Acupuncture balances the frequencies of those vibrational energies by unblocking and strengthening their respective flows. Doing so encourages the body’s own healing potential, helping not just symptoms but their underlying causes. By tonifying and enhancing normal body functions, the immune system is boosted to promote well-being. Acupuncture works efficiently to assist with acute and chronic pain,  general health maintenance and disease prevention. Combined with a tailored herbal prescription acupuncture can speed up recovery of severe chronic conditions. An acupuncture session can combine cupping, moxa, guasha and tuina massage depending on your condition.


Facial rejuvenation acupuncture can slow down the ageing process by improving your overall health. Acupuncture  addresses all internal symptoms that may cause premature ageing by balancing hormones, detoxifying, and strengthening organs functions with a particular focus on the face. Facial cosmetic acupuncture can enhance skin tone, improve complexion and muscle tone, firm sagging skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, and decrease puffiness around the eyes. 

Fine needles are inserted on the face and neck to stimulate the production of healing collagen. The dermis takes three months to regenerate. Depending on the condition of your skin 4 to 12 sessions on a weekly basis are recommended. Ideally to fully benefit from this treatment start as soon as you notice changes to your skin. Hence the facial cosmetic acupuncture is a preventive treatment since it adjusts imbalances as soon as the first signs appear before it manifests as major issues.

Prevention is considered the highest form of medicine as it tunes up and tones up the workings of organs and their respective energy flows with the aim to maintain the utmost vitality of your own health.


Chinese plant medicine has a profound understanding and unique knowledge of the way herbs interact and work synergistically together, where they take effect in the human body, and how they readjust imbalances, and boost organs functions. Jing Fang Classical herbalism is a thorough and unique diagnostic system. Symptoms are relieved by reestablishing proper working functions of the organs. The herbal formulas are tailored specifically to the individual’s condition and constantly adapted to your progress. Combined with acupuncture herbs can remarkably accelerate and enhance healing for a long lasting effect, particularly in chronic stubborn conditions and cases that have many issues involved.


Tuina Massage is an ancient therapy to relieve pain and promote healing. It has two hundred different manipulations from gentle superficial to vigorous deep tissue massage. Acupressure activates the healing response by promoting circulation. Manipulations are skilfully adjusted to your condition to bring balance within the channels. Tuina massage can be added to the acupuncture session when necessary.